Case Study:


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What was needed?

Our Client had already been established as a successful business. As the business had grown and technology has developed we had been approached in order to create a fully functional cloud based web platform which allowed our client to fully replace its old CBMS with a superior version. The Client required a streamlining of internal documentation process to improve productivity. Also as part of the project the direct integration of MYOB with bilateral communication, and unilateral interfacing with micropay and timetarget. The client also wanted all injury and risk management process and procedure to be implemented into the CBMS.

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What we did

This was not a small task by any means and we at Modular Labs are very proud of the quality of the work which we have produced. Its functionality and user experience created a seamless platform for the business to operate in, with a focus on ensuring the user experience is exceptional. Keeping a focus on the user experience and making process management as simple as possible for the end user created some interesting challenges for our team when building the platform. We loved the challenge. The integration of so many different processes and procedures into one system has allowed our client…

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The new CPS Hub system has allowed us to function much more smoothly as a business. We are able to spend more time working on what we know and do well instead of wasting time on HR, payroll, data entry etc. We are more efficient with less errors thanks to the automation of processes. All this and the interface is so simple friendly and easy to use, accessible by all of our stakeholders.

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