Case Study:

Quick Air Website

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What was needed?

One of our clients whom operates in a seasonal market approached us early 2015 looking to expand their business. Recently going through a growth period backed by the hot summer of Melbourne 20142015 the company desired to set themselves up in a position which would allow them to continue to continue to develop and as a business

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What we did

The previous organic success of the company was great, however through our strategies, this company has seen a 200% increase in calls. The addition of a great sales team has allowed the company to convert at a strong rate and driving sales to new heights.

We began the process by an in depth analysis of the companies current digital footprint inclusive of all web design elements creating a strategy which built upon their current success, adding tweaks to the design for better conversion and developing a search engine optimisation strategy to work alongside the on page conversion tactics.


  • 200% increase in calls
  • 25% increase in conversion rate
  • 2x the number of staff

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As a longstanding competitor in the marketplace however relatively new to the concepts of digital marketing strategies, we were excited about Modular Labs helping us to take the business to the next level. Modular were very professional, and capable of translating complex strategies into plain english which we could understand and relate to. The phenomenal results we have seen over a 6 month term has reassured us that our money has been very well spent.

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